Worker's Compensation

BlueStone Advisors’ proactive approach to claims and risk management works to reduce your workers compensation costs, improve business processes and increase profitability. Strategies to control your Workers' Compensation costs include:

  1. Classification Audits: We evaluate the application of workers’ compensation class codes to ensure that they are applied correctly and to your advantage. Errors in classifying a class code can result in overpayments of workers’ compensation insurance premiums.

  2. Ensuring An Accurate Experience Modification Factor: We confirm the accuracy of the data the carrier uses to determine your mod rate and negotiate to ensure that the reserves are correctly set and are not higher than they should be.

  3. Insurance Programs Structured To Optimize Cost Contain: We are experts in designing workers’ compensation insurance programs based upon your unique risk profile and our analytic models to reduce your cost of insurance.

  4. Accelerated Claims Closure: BlueStone Advisors’ accelerated claims closure process is specifically designed to accelerate the closure of open claims and to reduce outstanding liabilities through focused project management. Our aggressive claims closure strategies reduce the number of open claims and limit outstanding liabilities. With open files under control, organizations can move forward and focus on preventing new claims.

  5. Safety and Loss Control: BlueStone Advisors provides companies with result-driven loss control services as part of our comprehensive approach to risk management services. Our skilled loss control professionals are part of an advanced, well-organized team. They're committed to providing customized, cost-effective health and safety programs targeted to reduce injuries and insurance costs.

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